Show Dates

2B40 T shirts 
April 2, Sunday 2pm-5pm Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville PA
May 6,  Saturday 2pm-5pm Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville PA 
June 22, Thursday 7pm Band Stand Park Franklin, PA  outdoor concern, bring chairs 
July 15,  Saturday 7-10pm Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville PA
July 28, Friday 7-9pm Brew 32 1474 State Rt 208 Pulaski, PA
August 19, Saturday 7-10pm Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville PA 
September 16, Saturday 7-10pm Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville PA 
October 6th,  Friday 2:30-3:30 Band Stand Park, Applefest, Franklin, PA
October 28, 7-9pm Saturday Nova Cellar, 1474 State Rt 208 Pulaski PA  
November 10, Friday 7-9 pm Brew 32, 1474 State Rt 208 Pulaski PA 
November 11, Saturday 2-5pm Deer Creek Winery
December 17, Sunday 2-5pm Deer Creek Winery 

October 14th, Oil City Transit Building 
We took most of this year off 

March 3rd, Bella Cucina Franklin PA, 6:30-8:30 pm  Rotary Night
June: 26th, Webb Winery, Hermitage PA Friday evening 6:30-8:30pm
August 6th Thursday evening at Bandstand Park, Franklin PA
August 28th, Friday evening on Lona's Patio, Franklin PA

March 2 Foxtales, Franklin 9-12 beer, wings, tunes, fun (repeat)
May 11 Barrow, 7:30 for the  10th Annual Medical Musical Review tickets are $12 and benefit the American Cancer Society.  There will be lots of great bands and music. 
June 14th Lona's, Franklin 5:30 Diner and music on the outdoor patio. Hello summer.  
July 13th Foxtales, Franklin 9-12 beer, wings, tunes, fun (repeat)
August 29th  Franklin Bandstand Park, 7pm bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music in the park
Nov 16Foxtales, Franklin 9-12 beer, wings, tunes, fun (repeat)
January 7 Foxtales, February 14 The Bricks, February 25CD release party at the little Barrow Theater Sold Out!!!!  March 19 Dirty Dog Live.  March 26 Live interview on the Marty-o-Show.  April 21  Medical Musical Review, May 12 Foxtales, June 2 Barrow Fun Blast, June 15 Lona's, August 16 Franklin Bandstand Park, 
Sept 8 Beatles Tribute...Come Together. Sept 19, Hubbard Downtown Cafe. Oct 6 Applefest.  Nov 24 Foxtales, 
Dec 31 First night.  Oil City.  Eddie solo.
Mar: Lt Barrow, Apr: Hubbard Cafe, May:  Barrow, June: Lonas, July: Barrow, Aug: Frk Bandstand, Sept: Hubbard Cafe, Oct: Applefest, Nov: Foxtales.
Jan: Bricks,  Feb: Bricks, Mar: Lt Barrow, Apr: Bricks, May:  Barrow, June: Bricks, July: Elks, Aug: Frk Bandstand, Sept: Bricks, Oct: Applefest, Nov: Lt Barrow.

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