Eddie St.Clair                                                           Sharon St.Clair         
 The Band is currently performing as the original duet of Eddie and Sharon for bookings contact at

Eddie St.Clair:  Eddie is a songwriter first.  He has been writing and performing since 1985.  He has performed solo and in such bands as the GUYS, Upside, the WannaBeatles and Eddie's October.  Eddie has a CD entitled: Same Old Change recorded in 1996.  His song "Youngstown" from this disc has captured thousands of hits on youtube.   This group, 2B40 started when Eddie and wife, Sharon, took a road trip to Pittsuburgh to see Tom Petty.  The bus ride down proved to be a great time of singing and enjoying being 40 something.  Eddie and Sharon started the band in 2009 and were joined by Derek in 2010 and Carolyn in 2011.  

Sharon St.Clair:  Sharon started playing guitar in 1987 and then took a long break until somewhere in late 2009.  At that time she took up the bass guitar in support of the original 2B40.  And then came the mandolin.  She can play em' big and small.  As the story goes, Sharon had just learned to play the bass and knew 3 songs.  Then, the newly formed band, 2B40, booked a gig at a local Franklin PA venue on a Wednesday for a show on Saturday.  She learned 25 more songs on 3 days notice. 

Also featuring 
Carolyn Longo:  Carolyn is a guitarist, singer, songwriter who has been performing publicly since 1993.  In addition to her work with 2B40, Carolyn is a solo artist.  Carolyn uses effects and delay to create layered jams on the fly. Cover material includes The Beatles, Rembrants, The Judds, Collective Soul, Dan Fogelburg, jazz standards and her originals are rock, blues, jazz, electic blend with a positive vibe. She has also performed with The Meissner Effect(classic rock, blues and progressive), with vocalist Christylee Roose, and Glass House Band(CCM) Of note, In 2010 she was called out on stage by Phil Keaggy to join Glass Harp in a couple of songs and 2011 had the pleasure to share the stage with John Sferra for a couple of tunes. More of Carolyn's info at

Derek Stewart:  Derek "Deek" provides the percussive heart beat to 2B40.  Derek plays the bongo, congas, cajon, hand percussion, stand up snare with cymbal and just about anything that goes "wump".  Derek is an accomplished percussionist who also performed with a wide variety of bands from Franklin PA to Pittsburgh. 

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